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Oranges Are *Not* The Only Fruit 001

My new serial mission. To eat the fruits of life and the world and so with this I present the....

GRANADILLA!!!!!!Collapse )

More fruit soon :D

In other news. I temporarily broke my bike. I shredded the inner tube coming back from swimming on god knows what. I fixed that puncture then managed to pump so vigorously that i caused the wheel rim thingy to make a hole right near the valve. NOT IMPRESSED with self. I forced myself to go for a long run tonight as punishment. Needless to say i wont be making the same mistake again!

So off i went to the shop that sold me the bike only to be told i could not have the inner tube in the size i wanted with the valve for the pump i had just bought. So being not too impressed i went home then went back today, swapped the pump and got a new inner tube. bike now fixed.

Tonight I am making chili and guacamole for em and i to enjoy while watching more HEROES!!!!! Emma makes more chutney.... which is rather tasty but makes the house smell like a vinegar brewery IMO ;) Im sure its all worth it though.

I am also feeling exceptionally proud of being able to run continuously for as long as i did and also not panic while seeing Other People while i was running.My gym induction is still valid from 3 years ago so i save £'s  So GO TEAM ME! WOOP!

Back to work tommorow after a rather FAB 4 days off :( OLD MAD PEOPLE BEWARE i am currently constantly hyperactive (more so than usual at least anyhoo)

so some of you many know im being accused of a Pre-pre-mid life crisis by some, obsessive compulsive disorder by other and just plain mad by the rest....

adding to my new 5/6 day a week excerciseness thingoid i present my early  birthday present from emma....

shiney shiney mtb!!! em gave me money towrds it and now not only am i kind of bankrupt but my ass hurts, i mean really hurts! I went out for a little test ride and 9 offroad miles later i can no longer sit down.But after the initial several hour freak out relating to Spending Money On Myself, Em reminded me that i work very hard and i decided that 42 hour weeks should have a shiny reward. Stress over :D Also being out on the beach made me feel so damn good i forgot to stress :D lol

I'venever had a bike with suspension before and it was rather bouncy! i am no longer afraid of rocky trails or paths on the beach made of pebbles. I dont however have the knee strength yet do go up hills and im scared of my knees getting bad (genetic knee fun in my family)

9 miles made me go quite red (for a change) but i was kind of impressed at how well i felt doing it! My running still BITES, probably more to do with the masses of BOREDOM it promotes in my head. I hate running. my swimming seems to be getting there albeit slowly. Im looking to buy a book ive found on amazon about actual triathlon training plans as i just seem to be verging on overdoing EVERYTHING at the moment! (again, for a change)

more soon when i can actually sit down and type


post 1: NOODLE

for all the noodle fans out there.... he had a bath and i saved his dignity on film.....
the photosCollapse )



for the f-list neat freaks...


Jul. 11th, 2008

I only bloody well did it! the machine is fixed!
so now when the cat pee's on things i can wash them here rather than carry them around the streets to moo's!!!!

very accomplished here :D
The washing machine still refuses to play nice. It wont empty, ive checked everything and, as always when i am doing something revolting i had my trusty camera with me!
to save your f-lists...Collapse )

in other news, nutmeg has moved into a cupboard when she is not making grass nests in the lawn. it continues to rain in wales.

and the obligatory noodle pic of the day. I made the scratching post and the extended it when i was bored :D

i rewarded my hard work with a packet of mini cheddars and a bottle of pear cider :Dnow go check and see if my labors have made the bloody machine drain!
i will

update for emma xxxxx

Like an optical illusion he melds with the floor...

would be a lovely pic if it wasn't for the demonic look on her face!

riding on the back of a speeding zeeeeebra

i <3 welsh summers



today this ginger cloud decided to become part of the household!

long update post long overdue :D


The bar.....

many images of my latest creation.....

12 picsCollapse )



Verry Gross

So. I have now been off work for 2 days due to chopping off the end of my finger, shallots are much more dangerous than they appear. I stayed remarkably calm throughout the whole thing. So Em came and had a look at it, and dressed it for me. I declared that I was not going to casualty. At about this point Em decides to look for The Other End and finds it on the knife. For those of you who are curious... a remarkably bloodless photo under this cutCollapse )
Anyhoo, I finished cooking tea, went into shock, left my bp on the floor and seemed to be ok. Unfortunatly 2 hours later it was still bleeding and on closer inspection a tell tale pulsing micro-gush from a nicked finger vein. Cue casualty. And a dr that could have been anyone from the street! He inspired confidence by saying that he too had chopped at his finger when he was a cook (!) On getting out the finger he said, complete with ikky expresion, "oooh thats bad". He put some stuff on it that was like wig hair and some iodine (OUCH) then the worlds biggest, most unprofessional looking dressing. Then he offered me a sticker saying i'd been very brave. I think this is all in relation to the Me and Emma comedy double act that abounds.

Luckily living with a nurse means I can have it re-dressed in a better looking bandage. It really really hurts though and my bp keeps on crashing hmm...

A full and proper update coming soon with london and my new bar!