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Out of curiosity....

If for whatever reason you found yourself living post apocalypse what would you miss most?
Im talking about the little things so imagine that your friends and family have survived, you found yourself a nice tent/abandoned house/ supermarket to live in, plenty of things to help you stay warm and had a fully stocked wardrobe. There are no convenience stores so you can only have what you can make/grow/recycle, what skills would you want to have to make sure you could make or source?
Emma would miss her straighteners, i would miss eyeliner, tobacco, bread and wine (although i would probably be so excited about the whole thing these may not count lol)
What skills or items would be on your lists to survive in a health happy post apocalypse?


Dec. 22nd, 2010 09:47 pm (UTC)
i'd miss Baileys and ChupaChupa lollipops. and Amazon for iPod music. and the radio in general actually now that it's pumping out "the end is nigh" reports 24//7.
and bagels, boy would i miss the bagels..

I am not over-skilled in the survival instincts admittedly, but I am a nurse so i am highly valuable to a collective which makes me desirable. I can fish, shoot and trap rabbits and such creatures fairly well and when it comes to really nasty jobs like hauling corpses I am the person you call as it doesn't bother me.

so, not very good on my own but great to have around. if the apocalypse occurs guys, i'm heading your way, ok?