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emma is doing really well, she has only 1 line left in her hand and is now off the morphine. She can mobilize using a frame and can take herself to the loo and back. She has to be able to pass the OT tests of "getting in/out of a car" and "managing in the kitchen" before they will discharge her. We are hoping wednesday but it might be a bit later than that. We snuck out of the bay and used a shower chair to wash her hair and she could dress into her day clothes herself today so i think all is well again :)

Our bed is too low according to the physiotherapist so at some point i now have to add several inches to each of the legs and procure a 19.5" high chair from somewhere. Im hoping hoping that i can beg to borrow one from work but we shall see about that!

Im absolutly exhausted, because of a little snow today (people seemed genuinly shocked to see it. ITS WINTER!!!) it took 8 hours round trip to spend 2 1/2 hours with em today. Im hoping that the trains are running ok in the morning. But will be glad when she is back where i can look after her here and not be loosing days on trains!

Off to cook some 'ready meals' to pop in the freezer so she doesnt have to stress when she is back and as i food snob i object to tinned meals and processed food ;)

...maybe i'll have some more rum first...


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Feb. 2nd, 2009 11:08 pm (UTC)
Wonderful news, congratulations to you both.
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