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what a day...

sorry if you read this twice!

a message dictated from em...

"Firstly thank you very much for all your kind messages. My mobile signal is a bit rubbish so sorry that i couldn't reply to everyone. I had my operation this afternoon and all has gone very well. I'm currently lying in a bay wit 5 'nans' called things like Phylis, Jean Pat etc.
Everyone here is very excited about the prospect of more potatoes for dinner, as you may have noticed from my status update, they fed me vegetable lasagna... Who in their right mind would look at a bag of frozen root vegetables and serve them with very stodgy pasta and the most floury cheese sauce in the world. Just in case they were worried about my carb intake at this point, they served all that with a jacket potato the size of a newborn triplet. I did my best.
The sensation is coming back to my toes and I will put makeup on tomorrow. I promise.
Lots of love
xxx "

Now from me...
Em went up late from surgery. Half 1 instead of 11am so there was a bit more waiting than expected! As the first bit of her stay was in a private, en-suite room i did manage to get some kissing and chatting (and weeping) in through the window by sneaking round the back of the hospital. No one ever told me how difficult kissing through safety guarded windows is. Mostly dodging peacocks rather than security tho!
She was in theater and recovery for all of an hour and a half. and was very perky (and hungry) straight after. She enjoyed being turned slightly too much ;) Im sure that she will tell you all about the beautiful Nadine when she is back. I'll not tell you here to keep you reading but will say that women like that are dangerous in rooms full of lesbians ;)

As of right now she can move her feet a bit (she had a spinal, not a general anesthetic) she hasn't played with the morphine button and is probably playing on Animal Crossing or allowing the 'nans' to nanify her. (Im under instruction to take her crochet tools tomorrow...)
Nurses don't make very good patients it seems! i have some photos ( im kind like that) which i will post after a rum or two! It will be nice to sleep in my own bed rather than the nurses halls of "residence" I will buy them extra chocs after seeing that slum.

Thank you so much to everyone from both of us for all the support and nice messages and I'll try getting her to make a video in the morning :D

quite amazing how much something like this can make you realise how much you love someone. maybe i'll make an honest women of her one day ;)

goodnight all



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Jan. 31st, 2009 10:50 pm (UTC)
I'm so, so glad that everything went well and that Em's in such good spirits - please give her a hug from me :)

You have a good night - you deserve it.
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