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advice post and yet another stupid chemical* thing.....

Never absent mindedly smell a bottle of ammonia. I bought it to cycle the filter on my shiny shiny new fish tank, got it home opened bottle and for some un-knowable reason thought it would smell of something. it did: pain. :D

in other news.... NOODLE HAS BEEN DONE woes for the stop codon in his genetic line!!! It had to be done tho as *that* earhair would have been a dead giveaway for various "whos the daddy" comments in an estate full of unneutered bling wearing laydeecats...
He is currently very groggy from the anesthetic and very attention seeking as im guessing his new lack of testicleeees is making him feel somewhat sorry for himself!

We are once again in the midst of an arctic blast which is not very well for me going running as im not such a fan of the cold and having just come off a 45 hour week at work i cant quite honestly be arsed!

xmas shopping is all nearly done and im a bit shocked at how practical i can be. well sometimes anyway...

more soon and new fruit if i survive playing with the chemicals

* when i was younger during one of the "drag the science kids out for parents evening" i managed to dip my hand in hydrochloric acid then *take off* the safety goggles and wipe my eye with it. Cue a trip to a & e. Believe it or not i was once regarded as a child genius when it came to science. This is what pressure does to you :D oh and vodka ;)